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Links n Things

Some quick links to pages I like from the art world. It’s mostly suppliers I like to use, but there’s some other things here too 🙂 I’d like to say that I put up these links because they are people or products that I LOVE.  Please use these sites because they are great people and sites!

Colin Davidson

Those who know me know how much I admire Colin’s work. If it were not for him, I doubt I’d be painting portraits the way I do at least, if at all! Okay, Colin is now an art superstar, having been commissioned to do a portrait of the Queen, and the cover of Time magazine, but he remains a down-to-earth Ulsterman, and a gentleman besides! 😉

Michael Harding

It was Colin (see above) who put me on to this genius! I do not exaggerate, the man is a genius. Michael produces hand-made oil paints and mediums, and as far as I can tell, these are the best in the world. I was using standard artists paints until I discovered these. To be honest, I still have a load of Winsor & Newton and Daler-Rowney stuff which I shall continue to use until it runs out, but these are simply unsurpassed. The man himself is also wonderful, and will answer your questions 🙂

Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencils


Okay, this link is NOT directly to the item I’m talking about, but these pencils have been a recent revelation to me. Someone had told me that Japanese pencils smelled great(!), and these are made from cedar wood, so they DO smell lovely, but, despite being a life-long fan of Faber-Castell (they ARE fabulous pencils!), I have been converted to these. They are SO smooth it is incredible to believe they are graphite. Please try them!

Strathmore Paper


Strathmore is an American-made paper. They come in various qualities and finishes. I use Strathmore 400 smooth finish for my drawings. It does have a cream finish to it, but I like that. I’m fairly sure they do a bleached version too. For those who perhaps like to work in ink of using markers, a vellum finish or a board might be better. Needless to say, they do those too, and the quality simply does not get better. This link is to the UK agent.

Art Req Ltd


Alan Black runs his business out of Anniesland Business Park. He’s a great guy, and stocks some of the best quality materials you can buy. Certainly, other than a certain big chain store, he’s the only one I know in the Glasgow area who stocks my beloved Michael Harding paints. He also makes up canvases for you, using the amazing Claessens canvas. Incidentally, this stuff is made in Belgium, and I believe is just about the best there is. Alan also runs his framing service out of the same building. If you want high end frames, have a look at Artists’ Surfaces.

Ken Bromley


I have a problem with the BIG art stores. Those of you who know about art products will know who I mean. I am NOT a fan of the big chain whose name sounds a bit like crass. I think they have taken the individuality and persona out of what should be a creative world, and they were the cause of one of the best shops in Glasgow having to close. I like Ken Bromley. They provide a good, quick service, and despite being an online store (from my point of view), come across as being small and friendly. That matters to me 🙂



Jackson’s fall into the same category for me as Ken Bromley. They provide fabulous service, and have that ‘small shop’ feel about the way they work. They also supply Michael Harding’s paints, which is a big plus in my mind! 🙂   

Rosemary & Co
Okay, let’s put it quite simply, Rosemary’s brushes are the best you can buy. They’re not even that expensive! I was lucky enough to get some of the last batch of mongoose-hair brushes, but their fake mongoose are every bit as good. Treat yourself and buy some!
The Lemond Gallery
I started working with Ken and Susan Lemond in February 2018. I’m extremely grateful to them both, but to Ken in particular. The man not only knows the art market in Scotland, but has a business brain (that I don’t!), and a vision for what is right for an artist to be able to sell their work. I hope this is a long and fruitful relationship for us both.